Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tom Christian, VP6TC SK

Sad news......

VP6TC/VR6TC, Tom Christian, longtime famous ham from Pitcairn
Island, who probably gave most of us that "new one," has passed away,
peacefully, on July 7th.  Tom was diagnosed with possible Parkinson's
and early signs of Alzheimer's/dementia in December, 2009, while on a
family visit in New Zealand.  His wife, VP6YL/VR6YL, Betty Christian,
says his health "deteriorated all too quickly," and the last few
months were "cruel ones to watch such a strong, vibrant man reduced
to where he was not really aware of his surroundings and then was
unable to walk and swallow food or liquid."  Tom was buried July 8th
in the cemetery on Pitcairn.  Lack of available transportation
prevented most of Tom and Betty's children making it back for the
funeral.  Tom was known as the "Voice of Pitcairn," was an M.B.E.,
Member of the British Empire, and served on the Pitcairn Island
Council as the Governor's Representative for 40 years.

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