Saturday, July 6, 2013

My New SOTA Portable Station

I few weeks ago I took a trip to Santa Fe, NM for a long weekend and activated a couple of SOTA Summits. I was fortunate to meet Fred, KT5X and John, K1JD. I learned quite a lot from them on portability and efficiency. So motivated by John, I have developed my new portable SOTA Station.

I purchased an ICON portfolio designed to carry an iPad or similar notebook. It is hard sided and the inside lining can hold on to velcro.
The ICON Portfolio closed the handles removed

So I removed the handles and some unnecessary attachments from the inside and laid out my station. With a little help from velcro, everything stays put while transporting and operating.

ICON Portfolio SOTA Station

I mounted the ATS-4, a 500 mAH Lipo and a small container that holds my micro key and also serves to keep any pressure from the sides, when closed, off the radio. I also have my earphones wound on a cool little winder. Just add an antenna and I ready to to call CQ.

The whole thing weighs 18 oz and fits nicely in my backpack. Credit to John, K1JD, who I stole the idea from.

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