Thursday, March 13, 2014

Circle of Life

It's been a while since I've had the time to sit down and write a few lines. My recent work and personal schedule has looked like a blackout bingo game. When work interferes with play, that's serious. That said, I have been able to do a few things around the shack. I've been clearing out some of the surplus of QRP radios that have accumulated over the years to make room for more QRP radios. It is, after all, the circle of life isn't it. Buy it, play with it, look at it, sell it and then buy something else to start the cycle over again.

I've also changed up my QRO line-up. I have the FT-5000DX which is a wonderful radio. It does however take up a fair amount of real estate on my, not-so-big, desk. Along with VL-1000 amp, I don't have much room left over. So, I am sending the FT-5000 to my ranch station and replacing it at the home shack with a K3. Not a bad trade. I just received the K3 and am getting comfortable with it. Having owned a KX3 for while, the learning curve is not too steep. There is another agenda here and that is I want to be able to remote into my home station when away and Elecraft has an elegant solution for that. They build a K3/0 which looks just like the K3 but without the TX and RX circuitry. So when remote, you have the same front end to play with. Plug in your key, link up, spin the knobs and away you go. At least that's the theory. I will be setting this up soon and I will report on the progress.

So the circle of life is always with us, which makes life interesting.

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