Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wake Island on 160m

Yesterday morning I worked K9W (KH9) on 160m, but it wasn't QRP. Only in my dreams could that happen, but I'm always excited to get a new one on Top Band. The QSO was at 12:45z, just before my sunrise, which is the primo time for 160m propagation.

 The one notable comment on my 160m set-up is that my antenna is a simple Alpha-Delta DX-A mounted on a 55 ft. tower, no beverages or listening antenna of any sort, just the DX-A. I have worked and confirmed 170+ countries on 160m with this antenna. So it still falls into the category of accomplishing a lot with a little.

AE5X also blogged about his 160m contact with K9W, so I guess I'm just trying to keep up;-)

Lots of good DX on, so now is the time to work the new ones.


  1. This morning I worked 5J0R on 160 for my #40 on that band - so I'm the one trying to keep up! Your 170 on the DX-A gives me hope of working 60 more as my current goal on 160.

  2. Congrats on #40. I've found that DXing on Top Band requires patience. I started chasing DXCC on 160m in 1994 when I bought my first DX-A. So in 19 years, 170+ countries. The pace has slowed over the last couple of years, but about 10 new ones a year was my average. So give yourself another 5 - 6yrs. If you can add a better receiving antenna, then the pace will quicken.


    Mike AD5A