Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Rock Mite and It Did

I wrote a short piece a few months back on a 40m RockMite that I bought and I couldn't make a QSO with. I entitled it the "Rock Mite and Then Again It Might Not". The stigma of not making a QSO has bothered me and I was in need of redemption. So as I was perusing EBay the other day and found a very nice 20M RockMite that was up for auction, I couldn't resist. Besides the enclosure matched my paddle. So when it arrived I sat it on the shelf until this evening. My goal was two fold, first make a QSO, but more importantly get 1,000 miles per watt. At 500mw output, I would only need a QSO of 500 miles to make it.

My 20M RockMite That Could

I connected my 10 element log periodic antenna to the radio, plugged in my matching paddle and away I went. I was beaming west and received an answer to my first CQ, but couldn't complete the QSO due to QSB. At least I am getting out!!! Being rock bound can be a little discouraging as I endured a relatively long QSO on my frequency, 14.059, before turning my beam north. Quickly W5BM, Dan, came back to me. We had a nice QSO, I received a 359 report and my next question, what was his QTH? Dan came back, Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is 442 miles from my QTH, drats, a few miles short. I then turned my beam west again and soon, WN7SIU came back to my call giving me a 449 report and quickly signing with me. I asked for his QTH....Sandy, UT. which is 1,300 miles from my QTH in Boerne, TX. 2,600 miles per watt. Alright!!! Mission accomplished.

So the RockMite is in good favor with me again. I like this radio stuff.

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