Sunday, May 12, 2013

Two Additions: MTR and Begali Adventure Key

It's always nice to get new toys. Toys are usually never in the category of "needed", but almost always in the category of "wanted". Over the past week I've had two new additions to the shack that are definitely "wanted toys"

I received the Begali Adventure paddle. What a work of art. This paddle is another example of the precision workmanship found in Begali keys. I installed the key on my KX3 (you must plug the key into the key port on the side of the radio) and it is pure joy to operate. So a KX3, with a Begali key, this isn't your your Dad's QRP. Most luxurious.

The key also had available hardware that will allow this key to be used with the KX1 and FT-817.

Begali Adventure Paddle

This week I also received from TJ, W0EA, my Mountain Top'er Rig, MTR, a KD1JV designed 2 band QRP radio. This is a SMD kit that I asked TJ to build for me since, at the time, I didn't really have any experience soldering SMD components. My MTR is set up for 40m/20m operation, CW only. It is very light and is well designed. I made my first QSO with W7WHO shortly after taking it out of the box. I look forward to using it on SOTA activations.

MTR 2 Band QRP Radio

Oh the temptations of QRP gear. Right now I'm a happy camper.


  1. Good afternoon Mike, I have the Begali contour key and it's great. I have been looking at this key for my KX3. I have held off as I do have the key from Elecrft for the rig and it works fine. How do you find the Begali key with the KX3??

  2. I also have the key from Elecraft, however I found that it's not so durable when taken on a SOTA activation where it might get banged around a bit, plus I haven't had good luck adjusting it. The Begali is rock solid. Of course there is the price to consider, but it feels very good and is easy to adjust. I prefer it to the Elecraft key.

    1. Thanks Mike for the report and I do have some extra ham cash hanging around and will consider the purchase of the Begali key.