Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Gerber Go Bag

As a backpacker, camper and expeditioner I am always looking for practical gear that could be useful on a trip to anywhere remote. I came across such a piece of gear the other day. It's made by Gerber, not the baby food company, and it's called the Go Bag. The pack is made by Maxpedition and it is complimented with Gerber tactical gear, including a multi-tool, knife, flashlight, waterbottle and a pocket reference that could be handy for just about any situation with a Table of Contents that incudes, Chemistry and Physics, First Aid, Geology, and  Rope, Cable, Chain and Knots, just to name of few.

The Go Bag woud be perfect to pack a small HF Transciever and all the accessories needed to mount a backwoods expedition. It is a little pricey ($274), but given the quality of the bag and the accessories that come with it, it isn't a bad deal. Give it a look.

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