Friday, February 15, 2013

Separate QRP Log

Just like my discussion in the post, What Kind of QRP'er Are You, some of us are record keepers and others could care less. I am a record keeper. I want to know all the statistics around my QSO's, it is an affliction I know, but I must know who, what, where and when.. I run reports on my log all the time. So as I chased DXCC on QRP I kept track of the countries I worked with 5 watts or less by checking the QRP box on my DX4WIN QSO entry screen. Pretty simple so far.  However, when I link up to the packet cluster, through my logging program, it highlights my needed band/mode countries versus my entire log, not just for my QRP contacts. I'm sure there is a way to do this forQRP contacts with the DX4WIN functionality, but that would require reading the manual which I am averse to doing. Another affliction I suppose. So, based on my working knowledge of the logging program, it is a cumbersome process to determine if I need a particular country on QRP, aside from keeping a manual list. So to ease that burden, I loaded my logging program on a laptop, extracted a file from my main log of all my QRP contacts and loaded that file into the laptop copy of the logging program.. The laptop sits next to my KX3. Now, the packet identifies the new QRP countries that I need to work. Logistically in the shack, the separate computer log works better anyway.

So, now I know what I need and I am in a lot more pileups than when I was uninformed. I am at 139 and counting.

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  1. With my log I just write in the comment box if it is QRP or QRPp contact and with how much power I used. It would be good to keep a formal log of each so I can see for example how my DXCC for QRP is coming along.