Friday, March 6, 2015

Final Assault (Part 1)

The last I wrote I had 965 SOTA Activator points. The goal is 1,000 Activator points to achieve Mountain Goat status. I'm almost there. I did two summits today, Palomas Peak (W5N/SI-010) and Peak 6860 (W5/SI-022), to move my total to 985 points, almost there. Below are some video clips from my activations today.

It was a beautiful day to be in the mountains of New Mexico. Both of these summits are near Albuquerque, but very different environments. Palomas Peak is in an alpine forest and 6860, more or less in the desert. Al within about 25 miles of each other.

The Trail to Palomas Peak

Palomas Operating Position

Palomas Descent

Taking a Break During 6860 Ascent

Arrival on 6860

6860 Summit

It was a beautiful day with two very different mountains. Lots of fun. Only 15 points to go. Stay Tuned for Part II.

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