Monday, March 4, 2013

HamLog Portable Logging App

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There are many portable logging apps available and I expect there will be more, however, I have been using one for a while that just keeps getting better. It's called HamLog and is written by N3WG. Nick just continues to develop the software to the point that it is not only a logging program, but a a very handy resource when you are away from home. The Hamlog website,   is much more descriptive than I can attempt to duplicate here. However there are some nice features including, functionality, bandplans, real time grid square calculator, azimuth calculator, solar data, DX Cluster, SOTAwatch, audio recorder, contest calendar, ADIF export capability just to name a few. There is also a "ring the phone" option that simulates a phone ringing if you need to get out of a QSO:-)

In addition to all this, Nick has developed rig control software that interfaces with  a unit he calls Pigtail or a more recent  version called Piglet that allows you to control numerous radios, including the FT-817 and the KX3 from your iPhone or iPad. This software makes creating CW files or Voice files very easy to manage. These units are described on his website, I hooked this unit up this weekend to my FT-817 and it very cool.

I have no commercial interest in either of the products, I just find them extremely useful and thought you might want to know about them.

Rig Control Interface with HamLog

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