Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Good SOTA/DXCC Weekend

For those of you who haven't tried the Summits on the Air program, you are missing a great time. As previously reported, no QSL's are required, awards are based on a point system, and you can work a summit for points once per day. So there is always someone to work and the challenge of working these portable summit operations makes for a worthy challenge. The link for the program is on my Blog page under Links.

Starting Friday, UTC, time I managed to work 16 summits for a total of 94 points. Summits range in point value from 1 to 10. It would be possible to work 16 summits and get 16 points, but this weekend the activators were putting some quality summits on the air, which meant they were working extra hard to make it to these summits to activate them. To make earning the points all the more fun  I worked summits in OE, DL and OK as well as across the US. So thank you activators for putting in the effort.

On the DXCC front, creating my separate QRP log paid dividends this weekend. In an earlier post I talked about my decision to create a separate QRP log on my DX4WIN logging software that would highlight needed countries on the DX Cluster. In the past I was hit and miss, having to take time to query my total log to see if I had worked a station QRP. Since there was a lot of contest activity this weekend, I decided to look around for needed QRP countries. I hit a gold mine. This weekend, thanks to my logging software I worked many relatively easy countries that I hadn't taken the time to work before. I was able to log HR, C6, J3, KP2, PJ7, KH2 (as mentioned in my previous post) for new ones and the catch of the day was 9M4SLL (1S). I worked the 9M4 on 17 CW, when no-one was calling. So my QRP DXCC count is now up to 126. I have worked 15 new DXCC countries on QRP since creating the log about 6 weeks ago.

So it was a good weekend, now back to work:-)

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  1. Mike sounds like it was a great weekend! I tried the Russian DX contest on Saturday but for some reason propagation was not as good up my way. Then Sunday rolled around and the atmospheric storm hit and that really did not help out my already not so good you said it's time to head back to work.
    Have a good week.