Saturday, July 19, 2014

Who Needs Sunspots

I read that July 18th was the first day without sunspots since sometime in 2012. That's not a good sign for sure. I'm definitely not a solar expert, but I do know that zero sunspots is bad for propagation. That said, last night I worked VK5CZ at 0124z on 15m operating QRP from a summit in Australia.Then this morning I worked GW0PEB/P on 15m from a summit in Wales and a couple minutes later snagged HB9BCB/p on 17m from a summit in Switzerland. Not bad for having a spotless sun. Who needs them anyway?

Just in case, let's hope a few show up:-)


  1. Hello Mike, When the absorbing layer below the reflective layer disappears, the fun begins. Sun spots or not. 73, Bert

  2. Hello Bert, Yes, I've always had fun with radio, regardless of the sunspot cycle. The low bands get better at the solar minimum, so always some fun.

    73, Mike AD5A