Sunday, April 28, 2013

QRP To The Field (QRPTTF)

The QRPTTF event yesterday was way more fun than I had envisioned. The theme of the event was "Happy Trails" with the idea to operate QRP from or near a historic trail. Also included as a muliplier in the event were SOTA  qualifying summits. While I know there were several "Trail" stations out there, the summits seemed to dominate. I was able to work 21 summits during the event for over 100 chaser points. All of these QSO's within a couple of hours time. My rotor was getting a workout as the activity was coast to coast. I was even able to work 3 summits in Europe as well, all operating QRP. Lots of fun.

If you missed the event or just wondering what it's about, this is the link to this years event,

Happy Trails (and Summits) to  you.

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